Maelynn Elaine

Enter the princess...

This is Maelynn Elaine, the pretty, pretty princess.  She made a princess's grand entrance, too.  We intended to wait and have three years between all of our kids.  Richie and Ryan were three years and three days apart.  They even shared the same due date, June 9, the perfect due date for a band director's wife!  Both of the boys were born the Monday after school let out for the summer.  Then in April-ish of 2008, I had been pretty strongly praying that we'd have a girl.  God, just give me a girl, even if it has to be a surprise! 

Yeah.  Don't say stuff like that if you don't mean it.

Shortly after Richie's first birthday, we found out that we would be having Maelynn in February, just about the worst time for a band director's wife to be having a baby!  She made quite an entrance, born on a Wednesday in the middle of winter. 

She's precious and precocious, sweet and sassy, delicate and daring.  She's well on her way to be like the ladies she's named after... Christlike, godly, beautiful, and amazing. 

Mae-mae absolutely adores her Daddy and her Grampy, her princess bear, and Thomas the Tank Engine (goodness knows she's watched enough of it).  She is snuggly and sweet, and when she says "I wuv you, Mama" I melt into a puddle!  She's also a big fan of her biggest brother.

In the summer after she was born, it became apparent that one reason God gave us Mae early was so that my dear Nanny, who suffered from colon cancer, could see her and hold her.  Mae was with me the last time I talked to my Nanny, and her little cherub face has ministered to my broken heart since Nanny went to be with Jesus in November of 2010.  My Nanny was one of my best friends, and God knew I needed my baby girl in my lap to make it through... and He also knew I'd have been pregnant right about then. 

Maelynn is a tough little cookie... don't let the pink bear and the poofy dress fool you!  And she's going to do great things.  She's my climber, my early walker, early talker, and it seems she manages to do everything her brothers do, only wearing a dress and a giant bow!  She loves to play with Richie and Ryan, and never tires of her dear old friend, Bearbearbear.  Although ol' Bearbearbear has seen better days, they're still best buddies, never going to bed without each other.  She's been on several walkabouts, even being lost at Baylor spending the night with the bears at Baylor one night.  Thankfully, there has always been a good samaritan or three to bring her back to us.

All I can say is look out, world. 
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