Peek-a-boo!!!  I'm Richie-roo!

Born in 2008,  I knew Richie (Richard Allen) was going to be our family comedian.  His little head would be poking out on one side of my belly, and as soon as I'd elbow Eric and tell him to look, he'd be on the other side.  He's Ryan's biggest fan.  He's named after our beloved dads, and he's the best little cutie-pie I could have wanted.  He's snuggly and sweet, and has grown into a tall, lanky five yer old with golden curls.

Richie is Ryan's biggest fan.  Just look up there and see him at the autism walk in Waco this year.  That friend he's holding, "Kitty Meow," is sporting an Autism Speaks t-shirt.  He even adores his brother so much that one time, he tried to convince Ryan's ABA therapist at the time that he has "autisites" too!

Other than his brother, he adores animals in general, especially his Granny's miniature Pinschers and our old Aussie Jedi.   He loves trucks, trains, cars, and picking on playing with his little sister.  Recently he's discovered Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so he can often be seen wielding a foam sword atop their old baby slide, pretending to sail the seven seas.

He's just finished a year of pre-k at a local church, and he's ready to go back in the fall for more two-day-a-week fun.

Richie-roo is already a great autism brother and, well, just a great all-around guy. 
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