Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Eric!

It's been busy.  Crazy busy around here.  And while my dear husband is playing with his new toy, I'll take a minute to tell you about what kind of guy sits at my feet, goofing off after a hard day of work and a fun evening of birthday.

He loves his family.  And not just, "Yeah, they're cute."  He gets in the floor with them, gets dirty, and not just dirt-dirty.  Autism dads especially know all about late potty training and the cleaning messes that go with them.  Yeah.  As Richie would say, he gets a punch on his man-card for that.  For real.  A big one.

When we had babies, he insisted (and still does, when one of the kids wakes in the night) on getting them.  Yes, he brings them to bed with us, but he rises once they're good and asleep and puts them to bed.  And it's not just for me that he does this, although he knows and will tell you that I'm with them most of the rest of the time.  He wants to give this to his kids.  It's something he wants to do for them.  He always has.

He's not afraid to listen to me.  From home to school, we're married.  And by that, I mean that I did what he does now, and he does what I do at home when he can.  We met working, and he respects my work and my opinions about all things band.  Not every man is willing to do that.  Not all the advice I've given has been helpful, and in those times he's gracious.

He's not afraid to be wrong.  Wait, no... he's afraid of being wrong just like the rest of us, but fights to overcome that fear for the good of us, the kids, and to the glory of God.

Which reminds me... every night that he's not working, he's here reading stories after he helps with bathies.  And not just any stories.  He reads the cute, cool ones, but he also makes sure to end with a story from our Jesus Storybook Bible.  Then he prays with the boys, I pray with our girl, and we put the kids to bed.  He holds me and prays for me when I'm scared, sad, or super happy.  He sings out loud in worship.  Another mega-punch on the man card.

He's the kind of man I want my sons to be and my daughter to marry.

He's the kind of man I hope and pray will be around for another 42 years.

Every day I love him more than the day before.  Every night, I thank the Lord for giving us each other to argue with, bless, laugh with, cry on, and hug.

I wouldn't want to navigate life with anyone else.  I always wanted someone wonderful, but God out-imagined me far and away with Eric.

Thanks be to God for out-imagining me on so many levels... but today, especially for giving me such an amazing man with which to share this life you've given.

I love you, Eric.

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