Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Wonderland

It's that time again!

We take a trip to Morgan's Wonderland every summer, the day before Eric's convention starts.  IT's always a great time.  For the kids, it's the running around and playing without the hindrance of mom and dad freaking out.  For us, it's... well, okay... the same as the kids.  We love the fact that they offer tracking bracelets to the entire family so that if anyone wanders, we can find them at any one of several kiosks in the park.  Great security for a family with a wanderer/bolter.  So we can walk into the park and not just let go... but we don't feel quite so panicked if we can't see one of them right away.  

And they're off!

I could go on and on about the greatness of this place for special needs kids and their families.  They even have swings for entire wheelchairs for crying in a bucket!  It's wonderful!  It's true that they make it so that everyone can play. 

It was super hot... look at those thirsty babies!

Eric even got to fish with his kids for the first time!  Ryan liked dropping the line in the water, and that's pretty much it.  Once that bobber hit the water, he was done.  

There was the mallet instrument section, which Ryan always enjoys.  But the water part... oh, the water part.  This is always a huge hit with the kids.  

You can see that Richie's loving the huge thing that looks like a screw to me, that winds water up through to the top by spinning this big wheel... yeah, rockin' those technical terms tonight.  Trust me, it's cool.  

Ryan loves it, yes.  But right here, he's doing nothing more than stimming on the train.  He could see it just about everywhere in the park, and as soon as he heard that whistle, he was off!

Speaking of trains... here's my girl and I on the train.  Super fun!  

Then there's the carousel.  Or the "carouself" if you're Ryan.  

Yes, even Daddy had to ride!  Ryan is on the big dragon.  

As we got off the carousel after going around about five times in a row, Ryan lost a shoe.  He hollered rather matter-of-factly, "Oh no!  I've lost my glass Croc!" 

I about fell over laughing!  That's exactly what Maelynn's princess castle says when you put Cinderella on the little button-pedistal-thingy (again with the technical jargon). 

After the chaotic fun that is checking into the hotel, we had a nice swim and ordered our traditional hotel fare... pizza!!!  

Ryan finished before anyone, and immediately went to the window to "Look out at the city, Mommy!" Soon Richie and Maelynn joined him in watching the carriages lined with lights (and some even shaped like pumpkin coaches).  Soon we began hearing about how they were watching a flying circus, and how Cinderella, Ariel, and Rapunzel were down there.  When I asked where they were?  

"Out there, Mama!  Out there in Oklahoma!"  

It's been a fabulous first day of our TBA trip, and there was a great lesson learned in a rough moment at the park... not even with Ryan... that I'm dying to share.  But if there's one thing I'm learning right now, it's to slow down and realize that relaxation and enjoying... truly drinking in and tasting a moment... are not things to feel guilty for taking time to do.  

So good night from our first night in San Antonio, the city that band taught me to love... on our first day of the Texas Bandmasters' Association convention.  

Thanks be to God for such a wonderful day, and the opportunities that lay ahead in the morning! 

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  1. I have great memories of San Antonio because of my mom and dad's participation in the TMEA conferences. I remember our excitment checking into the local "La Quinta" inns and chasing pigeons along the boardwalk - exploring the marketplace and sampling the Tex-Mex restaurants - and even one year when we splurged and took a family trip to Sea World. I'm so glad that your kids are also making happy memories!


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