Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twirly Happiness

The email finally came after a year of waiting.

There was an opening in the dance studio in town for Maelynn.  Once Daddy gave the financial go-ahead, I told her.  Immediately, she ran to find one of the dress-up tutus I made for her.  I thought I'd never peel her from the ceiling!

After lunch on Sunday, I took her to the shoe store to get her ballet shoes.  This kid was really paying attention on sign-up day.  As the dancewear came into sight, we noticed another little girl about her age with her mother, buying her ballet things.

"You don't have to get the tights.  They'll be hot and you'll want to take them off."  

Her teacher mentioned this to myself and another parent, and she caught it!  Maelynn's surprise advice cracked up the other mother, and really puzzled the poor little girl.  And of course, I about fell over!  Oh, that kid!

Then off to get the rest, all starry eyed and excited... and she was happy, too.  

And after much waiting, the first day finally came!

I've been a mommy for eight years.  She's my third child.  We've run quite the gamut in those eight years, and I suppose I thought it was no big deal.  Didn't even give the next thought to bringing a kleenex or ten.

I was the mom in her work clothes, all together and ready to sit and mess with my phone while my girl did her thing. I'd honestly wondered what I'd do to pass the hour.  

Then the music started.  Her eyes twinkled as she embarked on her new adventure, a part of ten other little ones her age, all excited about their leotards and completely amazed by their sparkly-countenanced teacher.

She adorably half-fell over when she tried to stand in first position.  With her tongue half-out she did her best to force her precious little limbs into the shapes her teacher modeled.

And I pawed through my purse for kleenex.

I couldn't stop smiling, and the tears of joy kept coming.  I didn't see it coming.   The sheer joy on her face, the way she gave me a thumbs-up as she caught my gaze... it was all amazing.

Aside from the fact that I've always wanted a little girl, and she was so excited, this was something I didn't have to fight for.  Just write the check, take her to the class.  No meetings beforehand.  No doctor appointments.  No books of paperwork and hundreds of questions.  Just the fun stuff.  It was simply wonderful.  She danced and twirled and tumbled in awe of her teacher, and I sat in awe of the gift of her.

It was heavenly.

Thanks be to God for the wonderful... and for my girl.

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