Monday, November 18, 2013


I've spent the morning on laundry, dinner for tonight, and cranberry sauce.  Maybe it's the stuffing in the crock pot, maybe it's the jars of canned cranberry sauce.  Not sure.  But I know I'm in the mood to share one of the things I hope I never forget to be thankful for.

As we drove along yesterday after our post-church burger, Ryan broke the semi-silence with a random but heartfelt proclamation.

"I love Ms. K!"

Ms. K is his CE helper.  CE is Christian Education... like your Sunday school, but awesomely Redeemer-fied.  

In a world where we can't seem to go a day without hearing of how some child was severely mistreated, our kids are all blessed with teachers, aids, helpers, nursery workers, etc. who love them and keep them safe.  Every Sunday morning, he's ready to go see Ms. K.  Every day, he's happy to see his teacher or whichever of the two aids comes to get him from the van.  

Yet another thing to be thankful for... they leave the room and come get him from the van.  

These ladies at school and church have taken time from their lives to invest in the lives of my children.  They do an incredible job of communicating with me on top of getting to know our kids, learning who they are and where they need help, and adjusting accordingly.  

So all of you therapists, teachers, aids (paraprofessionals, as some places call them), bus drivers, and volunteers who make our kids' lives better by truly loving them and caring for the best for them, I hope you hear this... our family thanks God for you.  

Every time he stims when he sees you coming, we thank God for you.  

Every time we hear his fussing from behind the door when we come to pick him up and know that he's safe with you, we thank God for you.  

Every time we get a note home letting us know what's going on in his day, we thank God for you.  

Every time we get a phone call that starts a conversation about Ryan, whether it's good news or your reaching out to solve an issue, we thank God for you. 

Every time he runs down the hall to get to CE, we thank God for you.  

Every single time we pick him up and know he's healthy and happy due to having been in your capable care, we thank God for you.  

Our family is thankful for those who pour out their lives for children, especially the ones who work with our kids on a daily or weekly basis.  

Thanks be to God for you.

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  1. Amen. We were just commenting how thankful we are for our church, and how L loves it so much she can't wait to go and cries when we pick her up. Children's workers in church are a blessing, especially those who go out of their way.


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