Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Impressive Dinosaur

Ryan did have a decent day at school yesterday.  Not stellar, but up and down.  But hey, a giant routine change like going to school is more rough than I can say, so we will definitely take up and down.  He had another decent day today, with only two meltdowns.  The good news is that, so far, when he is given work he will sit and do it.  Now when the work is done is another story, but let's just be happy he'll do his work!

As we were getting ready for bed last night, Richie picked up one of the things Ryan had made during his school day.  I had all of Ryan's schoolwork for he day laying out for Eric to see when he returned from Monday night marching rehearsal.  When the boys sat down to have a drink of water before we brushed our teeth (just one of the many sacred routines in our house), this little baby caught Richie's eye, and he was mightily impressed.

He absolutely gushed over what a wonderful dinosaur it was!  Upon further inspection, I believe it was meant to be a monster, but y'know.

"Oh Ryan, this dinosaur is awesome!  Look, Mommy!  Look at the dinosaur Ryan made!  You did such a great job, Ryan!  I am so proud of you!"  

Yes, these are the words of a four year old to his seven year old brother.  He was impressed in a big way, and overflowingly proud of his brother!  Pure praise from a heart of love.  Ryan just stared forward, drinking his nightly cup of water, unswayed by the river of encouragement coming from his little brother.  

Then things got a little too real for Ryan. 

Gushing with, "Oh, Ryan, I love you!  You're the bestest brother in the whole world!" Richie leaned in to hug Ryan full-on, arms wide open.  Even from the side, this was not acceptable to the big brother.  

He started to yell and beat his chest.  He pushed away his biggest fan in an almost meltdown.  

Crushed, Richie sat back up in his chair.  As fast as my mommy arms could travel, they were around my tiny encourager.  I hugged him, told him how proud I was of him, and how much brother loves him even though he doesn't seem like it.  And he blew me even farther away.  

"I smiled when Ryan got-ed home today.  I love Ryan and I missed him today while he was at school."  

Then, when Ryan was a touch more calm, I asked if he could please give Richie a hug.  He smiled and leaned into his brother's arms.  

This is one of those moments when I know that God doesn't make mistakes.  All my kids were created to be who they are, and I wouldn't trade any of them.  A brother's love for his hero, and a big brother pushing through something uncomfortable to be able to show his biggest fan that he loves him right back.  

Thanks be to God for these sweet, special ones.  

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