Monday, August 20, 2012

The Big Guy? Really?

This morning, WAY too early, Ryan asked for his drumsticks.  And by way too early, I mean I hadn't yet downed one cup of coffee.  I can handle a lot of drumming.  I can handle a lot of noise.  But I'd like to have a little liquid motivation on board first, y'know?

The first time he asked (pre- 7 AM) I told him after breakfast.  That held him off for a few swallows.  Then he really wanted those sticks!  We'd already had a few mild fusses over other random stimmy things.  And since we're trying to get across the idea that he's not going to get to do what he wants all day next week when school starts, I told him he had to do one thing before he got his sticks. 

"Read this book and you can have your sticks, buddy."

He was not amused.  My request was met with fussing, chest beating, and a little screaming.  

But just a little.  

Then he stopped, sat in the overstuffed chair, and said:

"The big guy reads it." 

Since we know the apps that we've put on the iPad, I know that this comes from the Sandra Boynton book app (highly recommended).  The choices are to read it yourself, or let the big guy read it.  

Now, normally I would not me excited about being called a "big guy" or a big anything else for that matter.  But this was his way of saying, "Mom, I really don't feel like reading it out loud.  Would you mind reading the book to me?"  So guess what I did?  

Same thing anyone else would have done.  I read the book.  Turns out, reading it to him was better anyway, because we were able to work on speech and reading comprehension a little.  

And that little face?  Yeah, he can call me a "big guy" all he wants.  He's worked and continues to work so hard for every little bit of communication that he can call me a pink elephant if that's what gets the point across.  

Thanks be to God for every little bit of verbal communication!

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