Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Near Loss

We almost had a loss in the family last night.

Well, mostly. For the first time, after hunting and digging, clawing and moving, flashlights and searching, Maelynn had to go to bed without Bearbearbear.  Her beloved used-to-be-pink bear had seemingly vanished.

We emptied the toy chests, looked under every bed, in every crack and crevice in this house.  We searched the van, the area around the van, and even through every kitchen and bathroom cabinet.

In disbelief, we finally put her in bed.  We snuggled her in with her Sister Bear, who looks how Bearbearbear did when she was new, and Snakie, her green plastic snake.  I know.  My girl loves that plastic snake.  Who knew?  She prayed for her dear lost friend.  She even kept saying, "Bearbearbear is sad for me.  Bearbearbear is lost."  She cried heartbroken tears.  We hugged and loved, but she just didn't seem to feel better.

Once she was tucked in, Eric and I kept searching.  We just couldn't believe that we couldn't find her.  I even texted Ms. K, the speech therapist who comes to the house, to see if maybe Maelynn stuck her beloved in Ms. K's bag.  Nope.

After tearing up the house and the van again, we finally went to bed.  I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or not, but folks, I cried!  This bear has been in Maelynn's bed since she was tiny.  Eric even said that he almost feels like we've lost a member of the family!   We were heartbroken for our girl and her missing friend.

This morning, at about 6:45, Maelynn came tumbling out of bed, running into the kitchen.  She had a little different fervor than usual.  Didn't take long to find out why!

"Bearbearbear is in the dining room!" 

She bubbled over with excitement!  I picked her up, half hoping and half sick that she might not find her there.  After all, she'd insisted that the bear was in the van, and after two daddy looks and a mommy look, no bear.

As I turned on the light, she said, "Bearbearbear is in the box!"

Sure enough, she had put her bear in the top of a box in the dining room.

I scooped her up and I'm here to tell you, this Presbyterian girl shouted "GLORY TO GOD!!!"

Thank goodness it was time for Richie to wake up anyway.

After all this excitement, I've reminded her to keep up with bear.  Hang on to her.  The heartbreak of losing something you love is rough.

But as we all know, time will pass.  We'll start to take that poor raggedy companion's presence for granted, and we'll be looking again.

This is the same reason we have to stay in the word, find a body of believers, and pray without ceasing.  Practice clinging to truth.  Someday we will be glad we didn't cast it aside to go play with something else.

And it might just be today.

Maelynn and Bearbearbear in their younger years

Maelynn, Bearbearbear, and Sister Bear about a month ago.

Thanks be to God!

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