Friday, February 15, 2013

Tales of TMEA Vol. 3: A Little Bit of Morning

It's been a busy day, and we're about to head out to the Baylor college reunion, something that happens here every Friday night at TMEA.  Mine (HSU) is happening too, but we went to that one last year.  But before I head out for the next hour or more, I have to tell you how great the last twenty-four have been.

Our evening was great.  Valentine's day pizza in the room, followed by the little boxes of chocolates Granny got for the kids.  Ryan even ate one, and Maelynn was her mama's daughter.  I had to stop her from shoving them in her mouth whole!  Then there was this sweetness...

That precious young man, this morning, walked with his Daddy, his Granny, his brother and sister, and I to the convention center to get badges for mother and I.  I wish I could explain how crazy this is.  We did manage to skip as many crowds as possible, and in the convention center with the day in full swing, convention goers clogging the way, he did famously.  After we had what mother and I needed, Ryan asked to "see the band." 

There was no band close, but he heard the tons of people trying out instruments in the exhibit hall and had to see.  So we took a deep breath, jumped in, and agreed to make it short.  To set him up for success.  

Honestly, we needed the success.  

All was well!  We made a long loop through the overwhelming immersion of sound and light and color that is the exhibit hall, then walked back.  NOT A PROBLEM.  

I was dreading leaving the hotel room, much less walking all the way to the convention center, through the thickest part of the foot traffic, and waiting in line for our badges.  But we had to be present to receive family badges, and Eric had to be with us.  Rules are rules.  

Soon as Eric and the kids were tucked safely into the hotel room with plenty to play with, watch, and do, Mom and I left for the convention center.  

I wish I had time to tell you about every conversation.  I wish I could replay them, because as everything else, these are God-granted blessings, and they are sweet.  Many hugs, many stories, numerous smiles and encouragements.  

In other words, just what I needed. 

When we got back, I quickly took the reins and relieved Eric so that he could make his next clinic.  I sat with mother by the window while all three (yes, all three) of the kids rested.  

God gives us what we need.  

The thing is, it's not always what we want.  And it's not always something we knew we wanted.  And sometimes the thing we need is hard.  But just when I think I can't go on doing things the way they're falling, there is a reprieve.  A respite.  I don't see it coming, necessarily.  And maybe that's best.  

It's time to get my shoes back on and sneak out of the room without waking the kids.  It's Eric's turn, and with mother here to watch the kids sleep it's easy.  But I must tell you... it's true what they say.  The darkest night is just before the dawn.  

Maybe that's why it's so hard to see the light. 

Here's something that has been stuck in my head today.  I guess because today I could see the little bit of morning outside.  

Thanks be to God!  

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