Monday, February 4, 2013

To My Dearest Birthday Princess

Dear Maelynn Elaine,

Wow. You're three. At lunch today, I couldn't believe it's been three years since I sat in the same restaurant on the way home from the hospital. You were so tiny, snuggled into your car seat.

Now, you're a bundle of sweetness with a side of spunk who love to wear, breathe, eat, and sleep pink and tulle and fluffy frills, all while playing with trains and dump trucks. That's when you're not talking your brothers into playing Minnie's bow-tique or house or with your colorful ponies.

Three years ago, you came out bright-eyed and asking who's in charge, and not much has changed.

You're my little hot mess...

My pretty princess...

Such a sweet, kind, thoughtful little lady you are, asking me just last night after I hit my head picking you up, "Oh, are you okay honey?"  

You've always loved doing things just like me and just like Daddy.

And now you're three.  

We had such a wonderful day with you!  Words fail to describe my joy every day to see you bounding from your room, ready to play.  From your biggest grin to your angriest pout, you're the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen.  

Often I daydream about what you'll be.  I sometimes catch myself trying to draw a blueprint of who I hope you'll be, but I always stop myself.  All the dreams, hopes, and wishes I have for you simply cannot begin to compare with the story the Lord has written for you.  

So, my dear, I pray that you will grow in the grace and love of Christ.  I pray that God will give you a hunger for his word and that you will be compelled to seek him and love others.  Whoever you grow to be, I thank God for you and for the gift of being your mother. 

Thanks be to God for your every breath, all the way from your first cry... which I was so grateful to be able to hear... and for everything that makes you my sweet Maelynn Elaine. 

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