Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy birthday, Mama!

My original intention was to go about telling you how great my Mom is, why she's so great, and have a pretty good lineup of a range of pictures spanning her life, and cap it off with something sweet and hopefully inspirational.  

Yeah, I don't know who I was kidding.  

I was too busy to write a good blog post for my mother's birthday because: 

I took too much time getting Maelynn all primped for her girl day with Granny. 

I was busy giggling through the drive through at the donut shop on our way out of town.  

We were busy being tickled at Mae as she nibbled on her "spwinkoes" donut. 

We were busy letting her help Granny build a bear, which is something she'd never done. 

We were a tad preoccupied, mostly with laughs and shopping and even doing a little preparing for the next birthday in line. 

We were busy tonight with her birthday dinner, in her birthday storm (this woman LOVES weather).  

So as you can see, I was a busy girl today.  My house is still messy, the dishwasher needs to be unloaded, and I haven't even sorted laundry.  But I had a great day celebrating my Mama.  

I did, however, look through the pictures I have on the ol' hard drive as my husband graciously made Ryan's lunch for tomorrow and picked some favorites.    

Mama making Richie laugh... and by extension, Nanny. 

A little mutual admiration for Ryan and his Granny. 

One of our beach house vacations... 

The next few are with her furry babies and her grand-dog, our Jedi, the biggest one in the bunch. 

My Mama and I at my beautiful sister's wedding a couple of summers ago.

So I didn't get my homework done today.  But I promise I had a good excuse! 

Happy birthday, Mama.  You're an awesome mom, a great autism grandparent and advocate, my first best friend, and my first hero.  

I love you.  

Thanks be to God for my Mama.

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