Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fast Changes

Whelp, I've done it now.

One of the hardest yet easiest, elusive yet painfully obvious decision I ever made has been made.

About two weeks ago... what's magical about two weeks for me?  It was about that long that Eric and I dated before he asked me to marry him.  Anyway, about that long ago, after a long talk you can read about here, Eric and I decided that I should apply for a job that seemed perfect.  It was pre-k through 8th grade, with all but 6th-8th being music, not band.  But hey... teaching is teaching, right?  And no high school responsibilities, just 30 minutes from the house.

So I filled out an application, we fixed my resume to look nice and accurate again, and in the process Eric asked if I had a copy of it, or had it saved anywhere.  In looking, I did find a hard copy, and also found a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk with my resume saved under my maiden name.  Good times.

Almost as I sent it, I also found out that the job was open.  Like they needed someone yesterday.  Whoa.

As I hit send on the email with the proper attachments, all I could think was that this was such a long shot.  I haven't taught in ten years almost.  I let my certificate lapse even, because I couldn't afford the training hours to keep it.  We just reinstated it.  As in, if you look on the website, it still says inactive.  They haven't had time to get it back online yet.

Who would want to hire someone who hadn't taught in nearly ten years?

Apparently this school district did.

Less than a month ago, I was figuring out that I really did want to work someday.  Now I have a job starting February 24.

The stay at home years were good.  They weren't easy, but as we all know easy does not equal good, and good does not equal easy.  I'm thrilled that I get to work again.  That they want to give me this opportunity, for whatever reason.

Again, I'm in awe of God's providence.  His God-ness.  Eric and I agreed that we would step out and do this, even though it seemed out of the blue and maybe a little crazy.  We are impressed, awed, floored, thrilled, and honestly a little nervous.  This is a new chapter in our lives.

So I found myself at the registration booth at TMEA wondering where the little papers were that you fill out for your registration, standing awkwardly in the midst of the bustling convention center, when I realized that it's been ten years.  It's all online now.  Of course, instead of wondering who I'd have dinner with or where to go next, now I just hurried to the food court to pick up dinner for the kids and to the mall to snag a swimsuit for the little girl whose suit I couldn't find this morning, then back to the hotel so I could tag Eric so he could go help with tabulation for all-state chair tryouts.

The tag-teaming begins.

Thanks be to God for all of you who have come out of the woodwork to say "ME TOO!!!"

And definitely thanks for this new opportunity and for the growing changes it will mean for all of us.

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  1. Wow, congrats!! I hope you will have time to blog and update us on how it's going as you make this exciting transition!


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