Monday, February 17, 2014

Observations of my First Convention Back

So I've noticed a few things this week at my first convention as a working mom.

1. There are still great, incredibly helpful clinics.  If you don't know how to do something musical in a classroom, show up here.  Either you will find a clinic that covers it, or you will find someone who can help.

2.  There are dud clinics that bring out your inner bored fifth grader.  Even in the dud clinics, there's learning... even if it's just how I don't want to make my students feel.

3.  There are clinics that, as a smaller-than-small school director, I kinda smiled and thought things like, "That's nice.  But I'll stick to learning to teach little kids to sing in English before I tackle Japanese.  Thanks."

4. I still do happy little awkward things like getting on the wrong escalator.  No really.  I had to wait for like ten minutes in line and didn't realize until I had just stepped on the blasted thing.

5.  Running into Mr. Marsh is still the most awesome thing there.

6.  Running into my wonderful friends is a close second.

7.  Although things are automated and computerized, the work is the same.

8.  The exhibits are awesome and overwhelming.  As a working mom with limited time, I have to target what I need, find it, and get back.

9. The band stuff is so fun to talk about.  So fun.  And so easy.

10.  The very best part of convention is still stuff like this.

Their first family jump... all together now!  And it was their idea.  Not mine. 
Snuggles at our favorite restaurant.  Sister crashed and slept through the whole thing.  

What else do you need?  He LOVES the water.  

Good morning, Mommy and Daddy! 

And just now, I snapped this over the desk.  A second ago her head was on his shoulder.  Post-swim snuggles. 
It's different.  But at the same time, it's the same.  It takes more effort, yes.  But the effort creates a few nice side effects.  We have to communicate, so we can make sure we plan.  We have to be willing to give back and forth.   We're remembering how much we love being not just husband and wife, not just friends, a parenting team, but colleagues.

The little amazing things that aren't really little at all are still happening, and are just as amazing.  It's more of a challenge when I need to make a few clinics and do some business on the convention floor, but I like a challenge.

So glad my re-entering the working world started with our musical extended family and the kids, all together.

Thanks be to God for new beginnings that dovetail with the old.

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