Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Excuses

Sometime Friday, I intended to sit down and get a nice Mother's Day post cranked out and ready to post on Sunday.  I can think of a thousand reasons to write any day, but especially the day that celebrates all of us who hang on during the ride of motherhood, only letting go during the times when the mama-coaster careens over another exhilarating hill and up another.

I could certainly write about my own mother, how she worked such excruciatingly long hours due to a ridiculously low amount of child support, and how she still managed to find a way to give me what I needed from her as my mom.  

I could go on about my Nanny, who worked like a dog to give us all what we needed... and a lot of what we wanted.  How my dear Tupperware queen of a grandmother pushed enough plastic to pay for my entire first year of college at a private university, all while being the beautiful pin that held our family in place. 

I could also go on about how I miss her, and how I had to practically sit on my hands yesterday to keep from writing on her Facebook wall.  

I could go on about my Fairy Godmother, as I like to call her, who not only planted seeds of scripture and faith in my life, but watered, weeded, pruned, and all-around held my hand for so many years... and how she will always hold so much of my heart. 

I certainly could jabber at length of the wonderful blessing Eric's Mom is to me.  She not only raised an amazing prince charming of a son and a wonderful daughter, she has whole heartedly loved on me ever since the day we began that sentence... "Mom, Dad, we have some news..." I can't imagine a lady being more gracious and loving.  I just can't. 

I could tell you about Eric's Nana, and how amazing I think she is, and why she'll always hold a hero's spot in my heart.

I considered talking at length of the mothers who climb crazy mountains of seeming impossibility every day in the situations of life that I cannot imagine.  The friends I have who are raising kids by themselves, by themselves most of the time due to a husband's job, or are dealing with special needs and health concerns are such heroes.  

Instead, on Friday I got dressed and ready to go to a movie with my mother and a kid I wish was mine, our dear J, because that's what I wanted for Mother's Day.  Oh my WORD it was fun!

The next day, Mother and I had fun planting a raised bed garden in the backyard.  Between that and the extra kiddo we had for the day, who was a lot more help than hindrance, by the way, I just didn't get it done.  

Sunday, I got to sleep in a bit because we're through with CE (your Sunday school) for the summer, then enjoyed worshipping with my mother, Eric's parents, and of course my dear Eric.  

Then we went to yet another amazing Mom's house.  We spent a glorious afternoon playing, visiting, and of course eating, drinking, and being merry at the home of my husband's aunt and uncle.  

Sometime around six-thirty last night, I had to make a choice.  

"Get crackin' on the Mother's Day post, girlie!" said my task-oriented self.  

Then this little golden-haired boy got upset and needed his mama.    

Then the most stunningly beautiful little girl asked if I'd paint her toes, "wiff da sparkwy pink!" 

Then they wanted to read out of her Star Wars book.  

Once they were in bed, my husband sat next to me, pulled me over into his arms, and that's when I knew this post would be late.  

But you know what?  

Just this once, I had some great reasons to procrastinate.  Scroll down and I'll show you. 

Aren't they wonderful?  

Thanks be to God for the three (well, kinda four) reasons I'm a Mama.  

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