Monday, December 10, 2012

The Gift

We had a great weekend.  Eric's parents, my Mom, and our little family had a great time watching the kids ride bikes, pour dirt on each other's heads play in the sandbox, and watching Eric and Dad hang some more Christmas lights.  We shared much family time around the table, talking and laughing, and just enjoying being together.

The best part of the weekend, by far, was realizing that I've already received all the Christmas presents I could hope for.

There isn't a picture of them.  I can't cut and paste a link to them on Amazon, Ebay, or any other mass-selling site.  But I can tell you that the rest of the family is enjoying them, too.

For the first time, Ryan has been waving at me when I wave at him.

He's been trying to tell me what he'll do today.  It's in broken sentences, and I can't understand it all, but he's trying.

He's been expressing his preference using the correct pronoun off and on.

He's hugged his brother several times, saying "I love you, Richie."

Richie hugs back, telling him his brother he loves him, too.

Every morning, when Richie and Maelynn see each other for the first time, they run and hug and proclaim their love for one another like they haven't seen each other in weeks.

And you know what else?

God has set the stage for our church to be prepared to minister to and accept anyone who wants to visit.    He has blessed us with a body of believers that is serious about carrying the gospel to the community and beyond.

Guess what else...

I get to be a part of it.

Our family's arrival at Redeemer was not only providential for us, but for every person, young or old, who has or could walk through the doors even today.

No, it's not a fancy program with a big budget.  It's the first flame that started with a tiny spark... a phone call from a weary family.  It's grown to a pilot light... and sometimes that's the best thing.  An awareness that we're not all alike.  Awareness that while we're worshipping, shaking hands, and maybe even looking forward to lunch, someone is at home.

Maybe they're homebound.  Maybe they're physically incapable of driving.  Maybe they're afraid their child will bolt or wander.

Maybe they're just too weary to be looked at that way again.

Maybe it's you.

But whether the bonds be physical or emotional, they are bonds. and maybe... just maybe... a warm welcome, whether it be over the phone or in person, backed with action will make a difference for the better.

Thanks be to God for his love... and for Redeemer.

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