Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!

Ten years ago, my then-fiance and I were at a Dallas Stars hockey game.  We had floor seats, and even got close to a guy getting checked in the boards so hard the glass came out of the wall.  We had a gourmet dinner followed by dancing on the top floor of the Wyndham Anatole (or that's what it was then).   We dressed all fancy, all in black from head to toe.  We made plans, then kept them.

We blissfully celebrated, drinking in the blessing of each other.

Tonight is much the same.  We've made plans, we will... so far and Lord willing... keep them.  Much of them have already happened!

Black-eyed peas made in the crock pot, check.

Snacky food in the freezer ready for tomorrow's nonstop munch fest, check.

Cider mulling in the *other* crock pot, check.

Silly pictures with the girl, check.

And Rich joined us...

And now that they're all in bed, following the usual night routine, we'll stay up working a puzzle, snacking, watching a movie, and waiting for midnight.  Just Mom, Eric, and I.  

Isn't that wonderful?!  Quiet with an excuse to sit around and work a puzzle I've had for years that I've wanted to work and frame for my dining room.  

We love our plans.  And more than our plans, we love the ten-year journey that has brought us here.  We live in a place that was completely foreign to us ten years ago.  Yes, we wanted children.  But we had no idea the things they would teach us... the ways God had orchestrated for them to, in so many ways, save us from ourselves.  

And now, if you'll excuse me, the movie's starting.  

Thanks be to God for another year!!!  Happy 2013!!!

Oh, and one more thing... if you scroll up a bit, you'll see some purple on my chin.  Just so you know, making your daughter laugh by allowing her to pull a cup that you've sucked to your chin is not a great idea.  Mother was right... I have a ridiculous hickey around my mouth!  Haha!  Consider that your first PSA of 2013.

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