Friday, May 25, 2012


The more I flap my jaws at the short ones in my house, the more I'm seeing that my life would be a thousand times better if I'd take my own advice.  If I could just learn from what I tell my kids...

I would remember that you're supposed to obey all the time, even when no one's looking.

I would remember that people are more important than things.

I would remember that no one likes a whiner. 

I would remember that the heart behind what I do matters more than what I do.

I would remember that we don't yell... ever.

I would remember that other's feelings are more important than getting my way.

I would remember that honesty is better than smoothing things over.

I would remember that making mistakes is okay; not trying is the bad thing.

I would remember that if I put things away when I'm through, cleaning won't take long.

I would remember that others should always be put before me.

I would remember and live in... revel in... the fact that God loves us and knows what's best for us.

I would remember that when the storm comes, God is in control of it, and there's no need to fear.

If I could remember all that and live in it every day, making every decision perfectly and without fault, I would live a pretty sad life.


Yes.  Sad.  Because then I wouldn't need to share my messes with you.  I wouldn't see the need to share them, because I never had them.  I wouldn't need you to listen to all this mess and tell me that you've been there too.  I wouldn't be able to extend the hand... and receive the hand with great comfort... that says so simply but vitally, "I understand."

If I could remember all these things, I wouldn't need the gospel.  I wouldn't know the beautiful relief of grace and mercy and forgiveness.  Of the gift that is confession and repentance, and the great feeling of knowing I'm not alone in my struggles.

Because if we never saw dark, we wouldn't know light.

If I had all the answers, I wouldn't come here to feel around and find them, as you math teachers like to say, showing my work.

I'm inexplicably grateful for and humbled by the opportunity that such a simple thing that anyone can do presents in this little corner of cyberspace.  I'm grateful for all you other mommy-bloggers and daddy-bloggers, Facebook friends and tweeters, who have given me that hand of true understanding when I couldn't seem to find it anywhere.  Grateful beyond words for everyone who reads this thing, too.  I'm humbled that you've spent those minutes of your life, whether finding understanding, learning about our life, or just entertaining yourself with something while you eat lunch.

So happy 10,000 page views... it's a little milestone that I'm probably way too excited about.

Thanks over and over for reading!

Thanks be to God for you, reader, and many blessings!

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  1. Wow. So true! Thank you, I needed to hear that today.

    Happy 10,000!!


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