Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Houston Trip With Pictures!

 So these days, since we're not yet of the iPhone set, we take pictures with our iPods.  Yes, we are 41 and almost 34 and just got our first iPods this year.  We are THAT cool!  Since we're such the busy types, we hadn't put the pictures on the ol' computer yet.  I've written so many posts wishing I had Eric's i-device so I could upload the few shots we managed to get on our trip to Houston for the Music for Autism Concert! My dear hubster finally had a few minutes (between my honey-do's, I must add) to transfer these little windows into our memories, so here they are!

First, we start in the driveway... makes sense, huh?  Our dear Ryan buckled his much-loved Elmo in with him.  He's had Elmo since a friend gave him to us when he was three, and Elmo remains the only stuffed toy Ryan has ever cared about.  And when he cares, he cares a lot!

Once we arrived, we were quite happy to be fed and out of the van, as evidenced by the brother-sister love going on here...

Immediately it was swim time, where sister got to rock her new tankini for the first time (thanks, Granny!).  She was even more breathtaking in person.  

The Rich-man all ready to fishetize (it's a word... I just typed it!)

And the Ryan-dude, all ready to swim!

But first, a go-'round in the spinning chair...

Next day, all checked out of the hotel, we decided it was time for some concert-age.  Here's Ryan at the end, his favorite part (the part when he didn't scream or melt down).  

Sister had a great time with her drum!  Talking up another toddler, no doubt.  Wish I had pictures of her playing the cello with the help of an amazingly patient cellist!  Maelynn danced around, charming the world, and perking her mom and dad up a great deal.

Our little drummer boy... look out GHS drumline!

Then it was time to make the three-hour trek back to Groesbeck.  On the way, being the red-blooded Texans we are, we decided to stop and see this guy...

And you knew it was coming... the obligatory family kid group-shot in front of the monument.  Yes, we felt very lampoonish!  The kids weren't exactly impressed.  

No, Ryan, sit by sissy!  

Much better!  Now look at the camera, everyone!  

Did I mention it was a bit sunny?  Did I mention there were cars going by on I-45 to stim on?

And on the way out, we saw that the Sam Houston statue folks have an old face of Sam's down where you can touch it, take pics with it, etc.  So, being the goofy mom I am, I said jokingly, "Okay, kids... pick Sam's nose!" 

Guess who did it?  

That's my baby!  The funnier part was he wouldn't stop!

Ah, literal thinkers!  Gotta love 'em.  And he didn't crack a smile the whole time.  So obedient.  

So there you go, the visual version of the fun parts of the Houston trip for the Music for Autism concert.  Confused by what I mean?  Want to read the story behind all this stuff?  Click here.  Many thanks to the folks at the Westview School for hosting the concert, and to Music for Autism for the concert itself.  

And of course, thanks be to God for the sweet faces in these pictures.  

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