Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Yesterday wasn't just Memorial Day... it was also the Texas State Solo and Ensemble contest.  So Eric was out from early in the morning until late.  His kids did great (as great kids do) and while his band kids were doing great, so were his kids.  We missed him, but we know that every year Daddy will be out for Memorial Day.  It's just part of band life down here.  

So between texting Eric to see what was going on, I was playing with the kids, sewing, and watching them in the pool.  

This one's grainy, but oh, my word.  Last night I took videos with the ol' iPod while the kids swam so that Eric could see them in action when he got home.  

Looks fun, no?  Ryan's chest-beating noise is not a fit.  It's from the "Pulse" video made by Stomp.  The DVD we picked up at TMEA this year has a lot of world music, heavy on the drumming.  This is some kind of tribal thing he picked up from the video.  Ah, the joys of having no inhibitions!

Richie and Maelynn... proof that they're brother and sister.  The ol' classic "don't touch me" little sibling routine.  

Soon it was time to get out and dry off before going in to take a bath.  The air was getting a touch cool for shivering, soggy little Texans, so I wanted them to get warm before going in the air conditioning.  They were so precious, snuggled into their towels.  Ryan put his towel over his head, talking about the "electric candles" (tiki torches) and doing quite well with them.  He was asking that I please "turn them off" though.  

Little sister was, of course, talkative and all about having her picture taken in her (Ryan's old) Nemo towel.  She kept offering to get down and do something, but I couldn't quite understand what. 

Then there's Richie.  He was a bit sad that it was time to go in, and I'm sure that he missed his daddy too.  They asked a lot where daddy was, and when he was coming home.  

And Richie's reflective mood reminded me that, while it's hard for us to have daddy gone for even a day, there are so many families whose daddies and mommies are over seas, defending our right to worship this Sunday, be out in the pool playing, and live the way we decide is best for us.  

Big hugs and a ginormous thank you to our military men and women, and for the families who would love to be texting their hero, knowing he he'll be coming home in time to brush teeth and tuck the kids in bed.  

To all of you who do without your hero so that we can live the way we do, our heartfelt thanks. 

Thanks be to God.

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