Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Pretend

So my computer is in the hospital this morning. I know Eric told me it was going in, but somehow I spaced it out. Realizing the ol' pod is a little clunky for typing the post I meant for this morning, I looked through the pictures and found great shots I'd all but forgotten.

We were in the doctor's office, awaiting his arrival in the exam room. Among the toys (yes, my children are allowed to play with doctor's office toys) was an old toy telephone, similar to one I played with as a child. I figured I'd hear dialogue from the third Toy Story movie. Imagine my surprise when the boy who doesn't seem to know how to pretend began to talk on the phone, albeit unintelligibly!

First, he tested the rolling part and stimmed a bit.

Then he moved over to the exam table. Pretty smart... it was closer to eye level and longer than the counter, and it had a ramp!

Hmm... this turns...

Different stimmy perspective...

Then the magic.

Just like he sees these phones every day, he stood there speaking (okay, muttering) in such a serious, businesslike way.

I'd do business with him... wouldn't you?  

Wish I knew what he was thinking... or what he was trying to share or pretend to share.  Must have been very interesting.  

Thanks be to God for the things he can do that they said he couldn't.  

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