Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday Night Real Quick...

I'm beat.  But before I fall asleep, I have to show you what a great night we had.  Actually, what a great day.

First, the lunch thing was no big deal.  You know why?  The classroom aid had his kind of fruit snacks in her lunch, so she snuck them into his lunch box before he could notice.  Yes.  She is that awesome.

The driving around in Waco thing was exciting.  Parents' weekend plus a home game at Baylor equals nutty traffic.  I fought my way through traffic, we did therapy, then we all went to get groceries, then gas, then dinner on the way home.  We were home long enough to quickly unload and put away groceries, then it was time to go to the game.

This is our big rivalry.  They actually call it "The Battle of the River" and it is a huge deal.  So parking was crazy, the walk was long.  But the kids were great.

They moved the band back down into the south end zone, which worried me.  No problems, though!  The game is just a few feet away, but Ryan and the littles were happy to stay "on the gray" after a couple of mama freak-outs and explanations of those guys in the black and white and getting the big football kids in trouble if we get too close.

As I walked in, this is what a very excited drumline guy (the one I'm married to) waved in my face:

Yes, that's one of our local central Texas TV news guys getting footage of our wonderful drumline kids!  Kids were tickled, and obviously so was Eric.

Then there was the real fun.  Ryan took to the new setup like a duck to water.  He loved getting to sit so close to the big kids, but just far enough away that he wasn't in their faces or tempted to reach over and play their drums, which is a big no-no.

 At several points during the game, the drumline kids cheered Ryan on as he played with them.  Just thinking about it my heart is blessed to overflowing!  SO proud of our band kids.  So very thankful for the attitudes and hearts who reach out and encourage our kids.

I could not be happier with them.  It's just not possible.

Then I couldn't stand it, and had to get a shot if our princess catching some daddy love... and a little daddy-cheese, while she's at it. Yes, that is the end zone behind them.  I told you we're close!  So much fun when the game comes to that end.

During half time, the kids and I and one of the other BDK's (Band Director's Kids) hung out while they marched.  We had some attitude issues, but on the whole?  They were sweet.  And cute.  Just look at these little sardines on an equipment cart.  Looks like it'd be fun to surf on, right?  Precisely what we had the attitude issues with.  Whoops.  Silly mommy!

Back to playing.  See how close we were?  He was watching sticks a lot, trying to match.  So proud.

Richie-roo and one of the much older BDK's, bless her, rolled around with one of the other BDK littles on that same equipment cart for much of the second half.  Maelynn was super tired, and Ryan was getting there too.  About the time during the fourth quarter that he discovered I hadn't brought a snack for him (whoops... there I go again...) he started to get a bit harder to handle.  

So after getting to see my big girl for a few minutes, we decided to get a jump on traffic and head out. I sure hated to leave.  We were having so much fun!  But we have a great outing scheduled tomorrow for everyone but daddy, and it involves a drive.  

Leaving was no fun.  Lots of people, three kids, and only two hands.  

Somewhere in the process of Ryan being upset, Richie and Maelynn not wanting to leave, and me trying to usher them through the crowds as quickly and safely as possible, we dropped Richie's drink.  

I know.  But he freaked out.  Much crying.  Much begging me to text daddy and see if he could find it.  

I gotta tell ya, having been a band director myself, you're tired after a football game.  I wasn't sure I wanted to text him to go search the grass by the south entrance, which is a world away from the band hall.  But I did.  

On the way out, I rolled the windows down so we could hear the song the kids play at the end of the game.  They'd won.  For the first time in (I think) 13 years, we won against this particular town.  I glanced over my shoulder, and the band kids were going nutty even as they played.  

As much scrambling and energy as it takes, as much time as it takes, as sometimes over-the-top as it is, I do love some Texas Friday night lights.  Maybe not as much as some of my more blinged-out counterparts, but this is pretty cool, folks.  There's something about the way the community comes together to do something... well, together... that makes my heart smile.  

And when, in the midst of all that pomp and tradition, those kids take time to love on my kids, well... like I said, I'm so blessed my heart could explode.  

Oh, and that drink?  A few minutes after the kids went to bed, my husband sent me this...

He'd walked all the way back across the high school and the length of the football field, went through some trash, and found it.  

This is the man God has given me to spend the rest of my life with, and this is how we spend it.  We love, we laugh, we forgive, we go out of our way... 

And we go to bed happy and thanking God for it all.  

Good night, everyone.  

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