Monday, October 8, 2012


Yesterday was quite celebratory.  

No, it wasn't anyone's birthday or anniversary.  There was nothing new purchased or paid off.  No major holiday.  

When you fight and climb and persevere for every little milestone, miracles come into sharper focus.  They're in the quite little things, the common, every day things.  But in our house, they're earth-shattering progress.  

They come in different forms and different ways. Things that you'd pushed out of your mind, that you wouldn't ask him to do because, well... let's not start a meltdown, shall we?  Every day, every little thing we do when he's not at school is a potential powder keg. 

Hang on tight... I can't wait to tell you the most wonderful of the improvements just in the last few days. 

Thursday, I completely messed the whole afternoon upside down so that Eric could get new glasses.  He hadn't had his eyes checked in three forevers.  His old glasses were falling apart and the prescription was painfully outdated.  As soon as our vision insurance kicked in (something we're jumping up and down that we can now have) I wanted to shove him in the doc's office and get this DONE.  Through the course of a couple cancelled therapy appointments, one my call and the other for a therapist's workshop, last Thursday was the day.  

The thing is, we have homework now.  Blessedly, we only had spelling words and comprehension that day, and we did this in the van.  

Yup, that's right.  In the van outside the doctor's office.  He sat there and not only did his homework... look what he did it with.  

Yes.  A pen.  Not just a pen, a clicky pen.  You know, the type that one person you know won't stop clicking incessantly?  He was a little unhappy and meltdown-ey when we started the homework process, but once he got moving he was great!  Traced his spelling words twice and wrote them twice.  No complaints once we got started. 

The rest of the night was long, but he was really great.  Oddly enough, Maelynn was incredibly cranky.    

Saturday was very rough.  Lots of screaming.  Lots of unhappiness.  We took a family trip to the library in town, and he loved that.  No problems there.  He even selected a book, read it, and agreed that a train book would be great to take home.  Then when we got home, the rest of the day was just hard.  

Sunday, since Saturday was hard, we were sure would be interesting.  Still, we got all the kids ready and headed to church.  The air was cool and crisp, even setting a record low-high for the day for the area.  It's never that cool that early in Texas!  Eric and I were delighted.  

In the van at church, we verbally social-storyed with our little buddy some more.  "We sit in our seat.  We do not lay on the floor.  We listen to the story.  We make good choices and earn our letters.  If we make good choices, we ride bikes at home."  

First thing out of the box, he lays down on the blasted floor in the CE room.  

I almost had a Darth Vader "NOOOOOOOOOOO" moment.  It took everything in me to control myself.  

After talking him back into his seat, I plodded a little dejected on to our CE class with Eric.  I just waited to hear his scream.  I prayed as loudly as my heart could speak in a quiet room for God to hold Ryan, give him peace, help him enjoy.  

Time passed.  And passed.  I thought I heard him, but I guess I didn't.  

After about an hour, class was over, and I wanted to jump up and down!  A couple of folks asked how I was, and the only thing I could say was, "GREAT!!!  I'm still here!!!"  

Upon arrival at Ryan's CE room, I was met with ecstatic teachers.  "He did AWESOME!"   

Not only did he earn his letters, but he wrote them himself!!!  He colored!  He drew his little men all over the worksheet!  He followed directions!!!  His aid and I happy danced.  LITERALLY.  There were many hugs and there was much celebration.  

Then it was on to the service.  

We stopped for the obligatory drink from the water fountain, then on to our seats in the back-est of the back.  He was giggly.  He wanted to lay down.  Again, my heart sank a bit, and I became concerned that we might have issues.  

I won't type all the details, but it was wonderful.  

At one point, he was holding the worship guide, kinda looking like he was reading it.  I saw my pen laying in the windowsill, and thought I'd see if he'd like to draw some little men.  

Every other time in history I've given him a pen or pencil he's used it as a drum, banged the clicky part of the pen violently on every surface, or peeled the paper from the crayons.  Just not working for my boy.  But this time?  

Yes, that is our boy in his coat, all bundled up just as he stayed throughout CE, DRAWING ON A BULLETIN.  During church.  Just like any other kid might.  Just like I did.  I was so floored that, with my phone on silent and the rest of the congregation singing, I had to get a picture.  

He drew his sweet little men, this time with EYES.  Not just empty circles.  Eyes.  

This is progress.  It is slow at times, and we can go what seems like forever at times without any, but it is progress.  And it is sweet.  

We are grateful for Ryan's love for us that keeps him trusting us.  We are grateful for all the people who pray for us.  We are grateful and amazed at the people who join beside us, and persevere and get their hands dirty in the trenches with us.  

Thanks be to God for all of you, for it is through you that He is working miracles every day. 


  1. YES!! I'm rejoicing in these small miracles with you...not that they are small, really! :)

  2. Exactly!!! They look so little, but they are so huge! I mean, who cries when their child draws in church! ;-)


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