Monday, October 29, 2012

Well Played, Weather Change. Well Played.

We FINALLY got some cool weather in Texas.  It came just in time for our last home football game.  As you know, Ryan LOVES the high school football games.  From beginning to end, he hops, hums, and drums and yells "GO GOATS!" and "GO BIG RED!"  And this is the last one.

Did I mention it was the last home game?

Did I mention he begins begging the moment we leave to go again?

He's really into this.  So although a cool wind blew, switching to a cold wind, we herded the kids into the stadium and down by the band.  I had been in a big enough hurry to leave that I didn't think about how cold it might get.  It had been warmer earlier in the day.  The kids were all wearing two shirts and a lined jacket, so I thought we were good.

I should have known when drumming lost its luster that it was too cold to be there.  I should have known when, during halftime, he laid in the floor of the stands that we should head home.

We stayed long enough for halftime to be over, long enough for Maelynn to face-plant on the track, bloodying her lip, chin, and nose a bit, long enough that, when I asked Ryan at the beginning of the third quarter if we wanted to go home, he gave me a straight, clear, instant answer... YES.

By the time we got to the van, I think everyone was either crying or half-crying but Richie.  Richie was perfectly happy, chattering about what a great time he had playing with the other BDK's.  We did manage to get through the game with the matchbox "car treat" he got when we stopped to grab a few things at the store.

Once we were home, I was immediately kicking myself even harder.  Ryan was so cold he just wanted to go to bed, and didn't even drink his hot chocolate.  Maelynn and Richie wanted their jammies and beds, too.

The next day we had a big boy who barked like a seal and had a fever, a smaller boy who coughed until he threw up... four times, and a little girl who felt just fine.

So we didn't go to the downtown street carnival, we didn't go to church.  We just stayed home, rested, and did loads of pukey laundry.  Not exactly what I'd planned for the weekend.

Still, there were several good things about the weekend.  We all managed to get some rest and start the week ready to go.

Mom was here, making everything easier.  Six hands are much better than four!

Eric was home all weekend, and proved to be his usual all-star daddy self.

I've learned a couple of good lessons.  It's fine to go out of my way to make sure the kids get to do something they love when they only have this last chance for another year, but it's better to sacrifice a few minutes of game time to grab the blankets, gloves, hats, and scarves than to sacrifice every plan we had for the rest of the weekend.


It's true what they say about not knowing what you have till it's gone.  We are healthy and everyone went about their days today, but it's not fun to deal with illness.

And you know what?  After being home with sick kids all week, the dollar store in town is pretty entertaining, especially when your wonderful husband stays home and lets you go look around in them with your Mom.

Thanks be to God for healing and health, and for the contrast between good times and hard that helps us appreciate the good!

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