Monday, October 22, 2012

The Weekend

Ah, what a weekend!  When we got home from school, therapy was cancelled due to a Baylor holiday, so we had some outside time.  I know the picture isn't the best, but Ryan rode the glider with Maelynn for the first time, and even went slowly for her!

There was plenty of sunshine and lots of energy, so we ran around and slid down the slide, rode the cars and tricycle, and well, just ran around.  

When they got tired, we went inside and Ryan had iPad time.  He's been very sweet about letting his brother and sister crowd around and partake with him.  

We were planning to drive to the place where our best friends live... but you know what?  I was just tired.  Ryan had two field trip type days in a row, and I know he was tired.  We were to go to J's very last ever marching contest the next day to support she and our Daddy on Saturday morning.  So instead of driving to the game, we stayed home and had a pizza picnic movie night and went to bed on time.  The next day was this:

Can't forget to give e-props to by bestie.  She'd come to contest kid-free, and when she was through helping her husband's band, came to the stands to watch them, meet up with us, and watch our band.  Ah, the joy of seeing a familiar face in the crowd!  Soon as I spotted her, "look for empty seats" turned into "Go to M!" We even got to have lunch at the clown place with her.  

Seriously, folks.  Even a masking tape burger or compressed chicken parts is as good as a five star restaurant with the right company... and I had the right company.  So thankful for you, M!

Then we had a nice evening when Eric got home, complete with a nap for mommy and ordered-in Chinese!  After dinner, I made a dessert and corn muffins for our community group meeting Sunday and we crashed.  

Sunday was great too.  Ryan had a good day in CE, earning all his letters for iPad time at community group after church.  Talk about a gamble... but he rose to the occasion.  

The biggest blip in the weekend was my mistake.  I forgot a "juicy red sucker" for Ryan at church.  Usually, we follow the worship guide, marking off parts of the liturgy and other goings-on as we go until we get to page seven, when the sermon begins.  This is when Ryan knows he gets his sucker.  Instead, I tried making him wait to get to draw until then. 

Let's just say that even the smallest switch in routine is still hard.  But here he is, drawing his little men, robots, and the new addition... stairs.  

We then had a great time at our community group, once I stopped freaking out afraid that one of the kids would break something.  It's always interesting in a new place.

At one point, Ryan was playing with the iPad while we were visiting, and Richie and Maelynn were in the guest bedroom playing when I heard Ryan SCREAM for me.  HE CRIED OUT MY NAME!!!  Of course, I jumped up and ran over to him.  No idea what he wanted, other than maybe to make sure I was listening.  But when he hasn't yelled for you when you could hear him but maybe three or four times, you move when he does!

It was a great weekend.  Busy again, but great.  One of the greatest things is my newest "trick"... learning to decide when I've had enough and need to stay home.  That busy-ness isn't necessarily goodness.  It's hard for a long-term people-pleaser to do, but it's essential.  Much more so than I ever thought.

Even God rested on the seventh day.  Why would I assume I could do more?

I'm finding that in order to enjoy and do well the things I do, I have to choose carefully what I put on my plate.  In order to have the patience and caring to be who I need to be, especially for my family, there are times when I have to carve out time for us to be home, be together, and rest.  Sometimes these decisions aren't fun, and they mean having to choose something over something else... or even to choose rest over the fun thing.

So I'm back this week after laying myself off for a couple of days, hopefully having begun to learn a lesson I thought, rather foolishly, that I could avoid.

Thanks be to God for hanging with us, teaching us, and loving us while we learn.

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